Filter Bags

Cylindrical sleeves can be fabricated with different types of fibers or fabrics, depending on the chemical and thermal conditions of the filter which will work. Even allowing to obtain emissions below 1 mg / Nm3.

When manufacturers can do both sleeves usual market, as manufacturing a cylindrical sleeve according to customer needs, of any diameter and length.

Therefore are the most widespread, and can be found in every industry, and remains valid for different cleaning systems:

  • Compressed air (Pulse-Jet)
  • Undertow (Reverse air)
  • Mechanical vibration

These sleeves normally be:

  • Thermowelded (Wireless) / sewn continuously with 3 hands (put pictures)
  • Top (post pictures)
  • Bottom (set photos)

Note: those with a strap sleeves (snap-ring, etc. ..) this will be stainless steel and manufactured as to conform perfectly to the plate portamangas.

Some sectors that are usually this type of sleeves:

  • alpha
  • beta